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Why aren’t you using Multi-Row FETCH?

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Throughout our interactions with customers, we found that most shops aren’t using multi-row FETCH in their existing applications. We found that a little strange, considering multi-row FETCH (MRF) has been shown to improve FETCH statement CPU on the order of 50-70%, and it’s been available since DB2 v8. And based on the level of interest in MRF we’ve seen, it’s safe to say that most DB2 users understand its benefits. So why aren’t more shops using it?

A few weeks ago, my assumption was that a combination of lack of training and resources forced shops to put multi-row FETCH on the back-burner. There’s a lot at stake running a company database, and the highest priority for a database professional has always been to keep it running – so performance tuning, albeit very important, never ranks as high a priority as ‘keeping things from breaking’.

According to a recent poll of over we performed in Craig Mullin’s Multi-Row FETCH Webinar, over 350 database professionals told us why they don’t use MRF in their old applications.



Over half said they either lacked sufficient developer resources or had other priorities. Those folks should talk to us about our Attach Facility’s MRF feature! It puts multi-row FETCH in your old applications quickly, automatically and without development. Sound interesting? Shoot us a quick email here and we’ll send you details.

Lighten the Load with Multi-Row FETCH

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With the explosion of data and the challenges that Big Data presents, today’s DBAs are managing more data than ever before. With more programs being developed and tested, more tools are needed to help optimize data processing and efficiency. Using tools such as Multi-Row Fetch (MRF), DBAs are able to cut down on CPU time and improve application efficiency, even in facing Big Data.

MRF testing has been shown to provide CPU savings on individual FETCH statements in the 50-60% range. As FETCH statements are an integral part of batch processing, it’s not unreasonable to see TOTAL batch CPU savings in the double digits. As Big Data continues to get bigger and IT budgets continue to tighten, DBAs will need to implement as many CPU saving techniques as they reasonably can. They will have to do a lot more with more data and less resources.

Implementing MRF is a great way to lighten the load, and SoftBase can help you do it without any source code changes. Using the revolutionary, patent-pending Attach Facility MRF feature, SoftBase helped customers automatically implement MRF for CPU savings as high as 74%. Contact us to learn more about how this works.

Video Replay for Craig Mullins’ Webinar: Improving Application Performance By Fetching Multiple Rows

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We had a great turnout at the webinar – 581 database professionals dropped in to listen to Craig talk about implementing muti-row FETCH. He showed some VERY impressive savings. The video below is a replay, the entire video is an hour.

Download Craig’s presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Craig+Mullins+MRF+webinar+slide+deck.pdf

The MRF feature of Attach Facility is a very hot topic right now – Craig talks about it in the webinar towards the end. It will allow you to implement multi-row FETCH without making any coding changes! Wouldn’t it be great to save 74% FETCH statement CPU by flipping a switch! Please contact us if you have any questions! Call us at (800) 669-7076 or go here. We’d love to hear from you!


Craig Mullins and SoftBase Present: Improving Application Performance By Fetching Multiple Rows

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Multi-row FETCH, available in DB2 since Version 8, has the capability to dramatically improve the performance of DB2-based database applications. This presentation will introduce and define multi-row FETCH, how to use it, and the performance implications of doing so. The presentation will also touch upon multi-row UPDATE. And it will introduce the new SoftBase Attach Facility MRF Feature, which allows you to implement multi-row FETCH without coding changes.

Time: Thursday, March 15 2:00 PM EDT. If you haven’t registered already, time is running out! Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/754473201

Download the presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Craig+Mullins+MRF+webinar+slide+deck.pdf

If you do miss the live webinar, check back later soon – we’ll have a video replay available in our blog!


If you have any questions about our MRF product, which has shown CPU savings as high as 74% in FETCH statements during beta testing, click here to contact us now! Or email us at contactus (at) softbase.com or call us at 800-669-7076.