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Big Data = Big Pressure on DBAs

Everyone is talking about Big Data. But what is it really? Data is generated by a plethora of activities in today’s digital world and is typically stored for a period for any number of reasons. It can be data from weather sensors, electrical grid sensors, pharmaceutical data, social media posts, purchase transactions, cell phone GPS signals, customer information, insurance claims, etc—the list goes on and on.  But as new data continues to grow at faster and faster rates, IT professionals see a mounting problem. How are they going to manage, store and use this information to create a competitive advantage?

These days, you rarely hear someone talking about Big Data without mentioning analytics or warehousing. While Big Data clearly has its uses for business intelligence, we pay for this insight with ever-increasing workloads and throughput demands. Since DBAs need to ensure that they can meet these new growing demands without compromising mission-critical applications, it’s more important than ever for DBAs to quickly improve application efficiency and keep CPU utilization growth from getting out-of-hand.

We’ve seen significant CPU savings in our customers who’ve implemented multi-row FETCH, and recommend to all our customers that they consider implementing it. Our Attach Facility now implements multi-row FETCH for you, automatically. Contact us today for more information!


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