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DB2 Multi-Row FETCH Savings and ROI Calculator

With ever-tightening IT budgets, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify new the cost of performance tuning projects. Management needs to see a clear bottom-line cost justification before signing off on these projects, placing the burden on DBA’s and team leads to develop a convincing argument. While implementing multi-row FETCH in existing DB2 applications has been shown to reduce FETCH CPU time by as much as 74%, it can be difficult to translate that into actual dollars saved.

SoftBase recently developed a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator that creates a 5-year savings and ROI forecast. The calculator estimates the amount of money your organization could save if it were to implementing multi-row FETCH in existing DB2 applications. You can view the calculator at www.softbase.com/mrf_roi.php

Here’s an example of the calculator’s output:

We designed the calculator to show you how much money your organization would save by implementing multi-row FETCH using developers vs. purchasing our Attach Facility tool to implement multi-row FETCH automatically, without recoding and testing. Because Attach Facility can implement multi-row FETCH in your existing DB2 applications almost instantly, you will immediately see significant CPU savings. Attach Facility can literally pay for itself within a few months of use! In the example above, Attach Facility pays for itself more than twice within 12 months.

Implementing multi-row FETCH manually in all of your existing applications can take months or years, and can result in unexpected headaches. Attach Facility does it nearly instantly, freeing up time for developers to work on other projects.

Try our Multi-Row FETCH ROI calculator to see how much your organization can save!

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