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IOD Highlights: Craig Mullins interviews Klaas Brant

Monday was another busy and exciting day for us at IOD. Craig took a few minutes to talk with Klaas after the general reception. Craig asked Klaas, organizer of the DB2 Symposium, to share his thoughts on what DB2 area people need the most training in, as well as his thoughts on exciting IBM developments.

Klaas Brant is the founder of KBCE, a company that specializes in DB2. Klaas has been working with DB2 for more than 25 years and he has published many articles on DB2 topics. He also is the organizer of the DB2 Symposium, a training event with full day seminars presented by industry leading DB2 consultants. Klaas is also the chairman of the Dutch DB2 User Group and an IBM certified DB2 Database Administrator. He is a member of IBM’s DB2 Gold Consultants Team and an IBM Champion. And if you have ever attended the web-based DB2Night Show, he is the host of the z/OS edition.

You can keep up with Klaas at www.kbce.com and you can find out more information about the DB2 Symposium at www.db2-symposium.com

Check back tomorrow for Craig’s interview with Sheryl Larsen.

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