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DB2 z/OS Development Webinar: Better Testing = More Testing

WEBINAR: DB2 z/OS Development: Better Testing = More Testing
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Is your DB2 application development process bottle-necked by testing? Does the quality of your application suffer because there is insufficient testing?

Driven by cost constraints and expectations of instant gratification, DB2 shops have less time than ever to get new code into production, yet applications should still pass rigorous QA standards.

TestBase, SoftBase’s test data management solution for z/OS allows you to meet these contradictory goals. It accelerates and improves DB2 z/OS application development and implementation by empowering developers to perform tests faster and more thoroughly and by consolidating the test data management processes.

Watch this recorded webinar where DB2 expert Neal Lozins will show you how TestBase can help you:

TEST FASTER with referentially intact subsets of data instead of full production data

  • Reduce test load, setup and run time by using less data
  • Use less disk space and avoid fighting for DASD acquisition
  • Perform iterative tests and verify results quickly and easily
  • Do more testing with fast and simple setup and verification

TEST MORE EFFICIENTLY by establishing and reusing important test cases

  • Store, find and quickly retrieve test cases using TestBase’s documented test case inventory
  • Ensure test cases are retained, even if table changes occur, with automatic data conversion

TEST CONCURRENTLY & INDEPENDENTLY with individually managed test areas of the same database

  • Execute multiple tests against the same database at the same time without interference
  • Empower users to load test cases to their own test region and test at any time
  • Remove hesitance to share test data by making it repayable on demand

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