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DB2 z/OS Development Webinar: SQLCODE -911 – Now What?

WEBINAR: SQLCODE -911 – Now What?

Thursday, December 14 2017 2:00PM-3:00PM Eastern

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The Deadlock timeout, or Db2 z/OS sqlcode -911, is a problem that Db2 developers, as well as operations and production personnel, frequently encounter. It happens when a job attempts to access a resource, such as a row, page, table, or index that is locked by another job.

Identifying the ‘participant’ job holding the lock is critical for the developer trying to diagnose the problem. Developers often don’t even know that they caused an issue for the ‘victim’ job receiving the -911. Unfortunately, this can be difficult and sometimes impossible to identify without help from a DBA or someone with higher permissions. Left unresolved, the issue can cause serious production performance degradation.

Join SoftBase’s z/OS Db2 expert Neal Lozins for a webinar on December 14th at 2PM Eastern to:

• Learn common causes of SQLCODE -911
• Understand why troubleshooting -911 is challenging
• Review manual techniques for identifying -911 error source
• Discover automated tools that can help you quickly resolve -911

Neal will also show you a live demo where you’ll learn how to quickly diagnose a -911 code with SoftBase’s Db2 DeadLock Advisor and Db2 Catalog Guide.


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