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DB2 Multi-Row Fetch can reduce CPU time – but is it worth the effort?

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6-Steps to Determining if DB2 Multi-Row Fetch is Right for Your Shop


SoftBase is providing a free tutorial on how to identify the programs and cursors with the highest potential savings from MRF and how to calculate the overall potential CPU savings from implementing MRF.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the best program and cursor candidates for MRF
  • Calculate your potential CPU savings from MRF
  • Access free tools to help you calculate ROI from implementing MRF manually or automatically
  • Determine if an MRF retrofit project is valuable enough to pursue

Wednesday, May 8

2:00-3:00pm Eastern


Planning Next Year’s IT budget? Don’t forget MRF!

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Watch the 3 minute video to learn why:


Implementing multi-row FETCH (MRF) in your DB2 applications can dramatically improve CPU consumption, by as much as 75% in open cursor FETCH processing. But the big challenges are:

  • Costs of allocating time to manually recode
  • Risk damaging functionality

Attach Facility mitigates these challenges by quickly and automatically implementing MRF in your batch DB2 applications – no recoding required.

Click here to use our free MRF ROI calculator to see how much you can save with Attach Facility!

Click here to contact us or call us at (800) 669-7076

Reduce your 4-hour peak window

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Today, most organizations using IBM mainframes are paying based on their peak 4-hour usage window. An increase in utilization of even a few percentage points can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional utilization fees. Several of our customers have staff dedicated to simply monitoring this 4-hour peak window and rearranging job schedules to prevent overages. Not surprisingly, many of our customers have also started initiatives dedicated to reducing their 4-hour MSU peak.

Our patented Attach Facility MRF feature can help you reduce your batch window and your peak 4-hour CPU usage. Reducing your 4-hour peak will save your CPU resources and, ultimately, money. In fact, if you had implemented SoftBase’s Attach Facility MRF feature on May 16, the day it was released GA, you could have already saved:

We created this estimate using our MRF ROI calculator, and the following variables:

  • Shop MIPS: 2,000
  • DB2 Applications: 1,200
  • Cost per CPU minute: $25

We’ve seen ROI forecasts with the potential savings estimated between $500K and $8M over 5 years for our customers. Check out our ROI Calculator here ROI calculator here to determine your own shop’s potential savings!

DB2 Multi-Row FETCH Savings and ROI Calculator

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With ever-tightening IT budgets, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify new the cost of performance tuning projects. Management needs to see a clear bottom-line cost justification before signing off on these projects, placing the burden on DBA’s and team leads to develop a convincing argument. While implementing multi-row FETCH in existing DB2 applications has been shown to reduce FETCH CPU time by as much as 74%, it can be difficult to translate that into actual dollars saved.

SoftBase recently developed a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator that creates a 5-year savings and ROI forecast. The calculator estimates the amount of money your organization could save if it were to implementing multi-row FETCH in existing DB2 applications. You can view the calculator at www.softbase.com/mrf_roi.php

Here’s an example of the calculator’s output:

We designed the calculator to show you how much money your organization would save by implementing multi-row FETCH using developers vs. purchasing our Attach Facility tool to implement multi-row FETCH automatically, without recoding and testing. Because Attach Facility can implement multi-row FETCH in your existing DB2 applications almost instantly, you will immediately see significant CPU savings. Attach Facility can literally pay for itself within a few months of use! In the example above, Attach Facility pays for itself more than twice within 12 months.

Implementing multi-row FETCH manually in all of your existing applications can take months or years, and can result in unexpected headaches. Attach Facility does it nearly instantly, freeing up time for developers to work on other projects.

Try our Multi-Row FETCH ROI calculator to see how much your organization can save!

Announcing Attach Facility’s MRF General Availability

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SoftBase today announced the availability of a new product feature, Attach Facility’s Multi-Row FETCH (MRF), enabling DB2 users to automatically retrofit older applications for IBM’s Multi-Row FETCH technology. With Attach Facility’s MRF, DB2 administrators can simultaneously improve application performance by as much as 74 percent while bypassing the expensive recoding and testing process required to upgrade by hand.

IBM introduced Multi-Row FETCH to enable users to process multiple records (rows) simultaneously – saving time and reducing CPU overhead – a significant cost factor for DB2 shops. However, upgrading existing applications from single-row to multi-row requires an expensive manual recoding and testing process. SoftBase’s Attach Facility sits between the application and DB2, providing an interface that enables administrators to pull multiple rows of data into a temporary memory space, immediately eliminating the need for the application to “go back” and retrieve additional information.

“We decided to run some test scenarios using SoftBase Attach Facility’s Multi-Row FETCH feature,” said Jeff Boggess, senior database administrator, NC Farm Bureau. “Because we didn’t have to manually code and test the processes, we were up and running much more quickly than expected. Being deployed so soon enabled us to run a SQL statement in which the CPU time went from 45 seconds to 11 seconds …that is a 74 percent improvement! The time savings translates to immediate dollar savings and reinforces the value we derive from SoftBase DB2 z/OS tools every day. ”

Key benefits of SoftBase Attach Facility’s Multi-Row FETCH includes:

  • the ability to improve legacy application performance, minimizing CPU utilization
  • reduction of mainframe computer usage, thus reducing IT expenses and
  • little-to-no recoding and testing of applications.


Read the rest of the press release here

Countdown to Attach Facility’s MRF General Availability Announcement

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Next week, we plan to announce the General Availability of SoftBase’s Batch HealthCare version 3.2.1, which includes the much anticipated multi-row FETCH (MRF) feature of Attach Facility. We’re very excited about the launch – we’ve seen quite a bit of interest in the new feature.

The MRF feature is pretty amazing – it allows you to implement multi-row FETCH in your existing DB2 applications without manual recoding and testing. Our beta tests have shown FETCH statements CPU time savings as high as 74%. We’ve developed a savings and ROI calculator that estimates the amount of money your organization can save if it were to implement multi-row FETCH in existing DB2 applications manually or by using Attach Facility. See how much money multi-row FETCH it can save you here.

Or you can learn more about Attach Facility’s new MRF feature here.

Big Data = Big Pressure on DBAs

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Everyone is talking about Big Data. But what is it really? Data is generated by a plethora of activities in today’s digital world and is typically stored for a period for any number of reasons. It can be data from weather sensors, electrical grid sensors, pharmaceutical data, social media posts, purchase transactions, cell phone GPS signals, customer information, insurance claims, etc—the list goes on and on.  But as new data continues to grow at faster and faster rates, IT professionals see a mounting problem. How are they going to manage, store and use this information to create a competitive advantage?

These days, you rarely hear someone talking about Big Data without mentioning analytics or warehousing. While Big Data clearly has its uses for business intelligence, we pay for this insight with ever-increasing workloads and throughput demands. Since DBAs need to ensure that they can meet these new growing demands without compromising mission-critical applications, it’s more important than ever for DBAs to quickly improve application efficiency and keep CPU utilization growth from getting out-of-hand.

We’ve seen significant CPU savings in our customers who’ve implemented multi-row FETCH, and recommend to all our customers that they consider implementing it. Our Attach Facility now implements multi-row FETCH for you, automatically. Contact us today for more information!


Why aren’t you using Multi-Row FETCH?

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Throughout our interactions with customers, we found that most shops aren’t using multi-row FETCH in their existing applications. We found that a little strange, considering multi-row FETCH (MRF) has been shown to improve FETCH statement CPU on the order of 50-70%, and it’s been available since DB2 v8. And based on the level of interest in MRF we’ve seen, it’s safe to say that most DB2 users understand its benefits. So why aren’t more shops using it?

A few weeks ago, my assumption was that a combination of lack of training and resources forced shops to put multi-row FETCH on the back-burner. There’s a lot at stake running a company database, and the highest priority for a database professional has always been to keep it running – so performance tuning, albeit very important, never ranks as high a priority as ‘keeping things from breaking’.

According to a recent poll of over we performed in Craig Mullin’s Multi-Row FETCH Webinar, over 350 database professionals told us why they don’t use MRF in their old applications.



Over half said they either lacked sufficient developer resources or had other priorities. Those folks should talk to us about our Attach Facility’s MRF feature! It puts multi-row FETCH in your old applications quickly, automatically and without development. Sound interesting? Shoot us a quick email here and we’ll send you details.

Lighten the Load with Multi-Row FETCH

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With the explosion of data and the challenges that Big Data presents, today’s DBAs are managing more data than ever before. With more programs being developed and tested, more tools are needed to help optimize data processing and efficiency. Using tools such as Multi-Row Fetch (MRF), DBAs are able to cut down on CPU time and improve application efficiency, even in facing Big Data.

MRF testing has been shown to provide CPU savings on individual FETCH statements in the 50-60% range. As FETCH statements are an integral part of batch processing, it’s not unreasonable to see TOTAL batch CPU savings in the double digits. As Big Data continues to get bigger and IT budgets continue to tighten, DBAs will need to implement as many CPU saving techniques as they reasonably can. They will have to do a lot more with more data and less resources.

Implementing MRF is a great way to lighten the load, and SoftBase can help you do it without any source code changes. Using the revolutionary, patent-pending Attach Facility MRF feature, SoftBase helped customers automatically implement MRF for CPU savings as high as 74%. Contact us to learn more about how this works.

Video Replay for Craig Mullins’ Webinar: Improving Application Performance By Fetching Multiple Rows

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We had a great turnout at the webinar – 581 database professionals dropped in to listen to Craig talk about implementing muti-row FETCH. He showed some VERY impressive savings. The video below is a replay, the entire video is an hour.

Download Craig’s presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Craig+Mullins+MRF+webinar+slide+deck.pdf

The MRF feature of Attach Facility is a very hot topic right now – Craig talks about it in the webinar towards the end. It will allow you to implement multi-row FETCH without making any coding changes! Wouldn’t it be great to save 74% FETCH statement CPU by flipping a switch! Please contact us if you have any questions! Call us at (800) 669-7076 or go here. We’d love to hear from you!