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Watch the replay of Craig Mullins’ DB2 data security webinar

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Craig gave another excellent presentation today on data security. If you missed it, you can watch the replay through GoToWebinar here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/990275648

Alternatively, you can just watch the replay below. Enjoy!


You can also download Craig’s presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Data-Security-in-the-Age-of-Regulatory-Compliance.pdf

Toward the end of the presentation, Craig explained the test data masking features of TestBase, our powerful test data management tool. Learn more about TestBase’s here or contact us to learn more.


Thanks again for another great presentation Craig!

Webinar with Craig Mullins: Data Security in the Age of Regulatory Compliance

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Webinar Title: Data Security in the Age of Regulatory Compliance
Presenter: Craig S. Mullins

As governmental regulations expand, organizations need to deploy better controls to ensure quality data and properly protected database systems. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, BASEL II, PCI DSS and more make the news, but what do they mean in terms of your data? And what steps can be taken to ensure compliance?

Anyone who has been paying attention lately knows at least something about the large number of data breaches in the news… and their impact on business. Data breaches and the threat of lost or stolen data will continue to plague organizations until comprehensive plans are enacted to combat them. Many of these breaches have been at the database level, and more will be unless better data protection policies and procedures are enacted on operational databases.

As a result of expanded regulations and the ever-present specter of data breaches, data security has grown in importance. And that places new burdens on DBAs and data management professionals. This presentation will offer an overview of this new landscape focusing particularly on techniques for improving data and database security.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • An Introduction to Industry and Governmental Regulations
  • The Pervasiveness of Data Breaches with Techniques for Avoidance and Remediation
  • Long-term Data Retention
  • Database Activity Monitoring and Auditing
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Metadata Management

Watch the Replay: Craig Mullins’ R4H Cost Reduction Webinar

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Craig gave another great presentation yesterday on how to control your rolling four hour average (R4H). When you’re on variable workload licensing, understanding and controlling the R4H is critical to keeping your monthly bill in check. Craig discusses how you can directly restrict the R4H using soft capping and how techniques like tuning DB2 can reduce your overall CPU consumption – and subsequently your R4H. You can download Craig’s presentation slide deck here.

Register here to watch the replay and to join our mailing list – we’ll keep you in the loop about our upcoming DB2 webinars and our other DB2 resources!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to register, you can just watch the replay below. Enjoy!


If you have any questions or comments, we’re all ears! Send us a message here.

SoftBase Sponsor’s Craig Mullins: Reduce Costs by Tuning DB2 to Reduce Your Rolling 4 Hour Average

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Title:Reduce Costs by Tuning DB2 to Reduce Your Rolling 4 Hour Average
When: 2pm EDT September12
Register at: https://www.softbase.com/redirect_craig_mullins_webinar_register_09122012.php

Variable workload licensing can be a powerful mechanism to reduce your mainframe software costs. But are you taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist to lower your monthly software bill? Do you know how the rolling four hour (R4H) average impacts your bill and what you can do to lower that average?

This free webinar, sponsored by SoftBase and delivered by Craig S. Mullins, will provide education on variable workload licensing, the R4H, and soft capping… and then focus on ways to reduce the R4H by tuning DB2 resources.
SoftBase – Craig Mullins and SoftBase Present: Reduce Costs by Tuning…

SoftBase will be giving away a signed copy of Craig Mullins’ DB2 Developer’s Guide, Sixth Edition. Attend for your chance to win!

Survey Says: Upgrades Not the Answer to DB2 Performance Improvement

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A survey of more than 900 application developers and DB2 administrators across an array of industries including financial services, insurance, retail and government found that database administrators are frustrated with the lack of performance and associated costs to run and maintain their existing DB2 and SQL servers. 

Polling results of note include:

  • 20 percent spend more than half of their week or a minimum of 8-12 hours per week addressing SQL performance issues.
  • 59 percent agreed that SQL standardization is a recurring problem.
  • When asked the best option for DB2 application performance improvement, an overwhelming 84 percent noted performance tuning as a solution.
  • Only 8 percent saw a need for hardware/software upgrades as a solution.

“Spending a high percentage of the work week addressing SQL performance issues is outrageous and unnecessary,” said Steve Woodard, CEO, SoftBase.  “The polling results, combined with customer feedback have made it very clear: IT is beyond frustrated with the current state of DB2 performance and cost.  They are looking for solutions that don’t require manual coding and arduous upgrade cycles.  Thus far, a more seamless and automated experience is non-existent, which is why so many developers and DB2 administrators are turning to our proven solutions for better coding, testing, batch analysis and performance tuning, ensuring more reliable DB2 applications and higher performing DB2 software.”

Two polls were conducted during recent SoftBase sponsored webinars.  During each session attendees listened to industry leaders discuss how to dramatically improve the performance of DB2-based database applications as well as SQL and application performance improvement best practices.

Additional points of interest stemming from the real-time polling:

  • 43 percent of participants noted the importance of mainframes as virtual environments become more prevalent – minimizing hardware expenditures and an organization’s carbon footprint.
  • When asked why organizations have not implemented Multi-row Fetch (MRF) capabilities offered by IBM for performance improvement, 34 percent noted lack of developer resources and 29 percent called out other priorities taking precedence – MRF on its own requires expensive manual recoding and testing processes.
  • Less than 3 percent felt that the technology did not provide enough benefit, re-iterating a market need.

SoftBase’s Attach Facility (with Multi-Row FETCH capability) sits between the application and DB2, providing an interface that enables administrators to pull multiple rows of data into a temporary memory space, immediately eliminating the need for the application to “go back” and retrieve additional information.  It is the most widely used call-attach facility on the market and allows users to execute applications more efficiently, in less time and with greater flexibility.

To watch the two webinars, go to https://www.softbase.com/blog/?cat=4

To learn more about Attach Facility with MRF capabilities, go tohttps://www.softbase.com/batch_healthcare_attach_mrf_feature.php.



Why aren’t you using Multi-Row FETCH?

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Throughout our interactions with customers, we found that most shops aren’t using multi-row FETCH in their existing applications. We found that a little strange, considering multi-row FETCH (MRF) has been shown to improve FETCH statement CPU on the order of 50-70%, and it’s been available since DB2 v8. And based on the level of interest in MRF we’ve seen, it’s safe to say that most DB2 users understand its benefits. So why aren’t more shops using it?

A few weeks ago, my assumption was that a combination of lack of training and resources forced shops to put multi-row FETCH on the back-burner. There’s a lot at stake running a company database, and the highest priority for a database professional has always been to keep it running – so performance tuning, albeit very important, never ranks as high a priority as ‘keeping things from breaking’.

According to a recent poll of over we performed in Craig Mullin’s Multi-Row FETCH Webinar, over 350 database professionals told us why they don’t use MRF in their old applications.



Over half said they either lacked sufficient developer resources or had other priorities. Those folks should talk to us about our Attach Facility’s MRF feature! It puts multi-row FETCH in your old applications quickly, automatically and without development. Sound interesting? Shoot us a quick email here and we’ll send you details.

Video Replay for Craig Mullins’ Webinar: Improving Application Performance By Fetching Multiple Rows

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We had a great turnout at the webinar – 581 database professionals dropped in to listen to Craig talk about implementing muti-row FETCH. He showed some VERY impressive savings. The video below is a replay, the entire video is an hour.

Download Craig’s presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Craig+Mullins+MRF+webinar+slide+deck.pdf

The MRF feature of Attach Facility is a very hot topic right now – Craig talks about it in the webinar towards the end. It will allow you to implement multi-row FETCH without making any coding changes! Wouldn’t it be great to save 74% FETCH statement CPU by flipping a switch! Please contact us if you have any questions! Call us at (800) 669-7076 or go here. We’d love to hear from you!


Craig Mullins and SoftBase Present: Improving Application Performance By Fetching Multiple Rows

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Multi-row FETCH, available in DB2 since Version 8, has the capability to dramatically improve the performance of DB2-based database applications. This presentation will introduce and define multi-row FETCH, how to use it, and the performance implications of doing so. The presentation will also touch upon multi-row UPDATE. And it will introduce the new SoftBase Attach Facility MRF Feature, which allows you to implement multi-row FETCH without coding changes.

Time: Thursday, March 15 2:00 PM EDT. If you haven’t registered already, time is running out! Register at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/754473201

Download the presentation slide deck at: https://s3.amazonaws.com/SoftBase/Craig+Mullins+MRF+webinar+slide+deck.pdf

If you do miss the live webinar, check back later soon – we’ll have a video replay available in our blog!


If you have any questions about our MRF product, which has shown CPU savings as high as 74% in FETCH statements during beta testing, click here to contact us now! Or email us at contactus (at) softbase.com or call us at 800-669-7076.

Craig Mullins’ Webinar September – DB2 10 for z/OS features that most impact developers

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Last September, SoftBase and IDUG sponsored a webinar featuring Craig Mullins discussing upgrading to DB2 version 10 and the impact on developers.  You can watch the video below!


Here’s the video replay of Craig’s presentation:


Here’s Craig discussing how to best prepare your applications for the upgrade, and how to test them afterward:


Contact us for more information about our products!

A fresh look at an overlooked DB2 feature…

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Multi-row FETCH, available in DB2 since Version 8, has the capability to dramatically improve the performance of DB2-based database applications.

But has YOUR organization taken the time to implement multi-row FETCH yet?

Join Craig Mullins March 15th for a FREE WEBINAR, where you’ll learn how easy it is to implement multi-row FETCH and the significant performance implications of doing so. We’re talking over 50% CPU savings on FETCH statements here! You can’t afford to miss this!

Craig will also introduce you to a new tool which allows you to implement multi-row FETCH automatically and without coding changes. The tool, SoftBase’s Attach Facility MRF feature, is still being beta tested, and our testers have seen FETCH statement CPU savings as high as 74%, without any recoding!

Click here to register for this free webinar, featuring Craig Mullins!