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Announcing Softdate Version 4.5

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We’re please to announce that Softdate version 4.5 is available now.

The Softdate Date and Time Simulation (DTS) Data Protection Suite allows you to simply and easily test date and time logic in your key applications by “time traveling” to future dates and times that are significant to your business logic.

New features in 4.5 include:

  • Beyond year 2042 support. Current hardware and software limitations in zSeries systems and z/OS restrict the maximum date that the system clock can handle to 17 September 2042. Now Softdate v4.5 uniquely allows you to test your applications with dates greater than 2042, meaning you can now test application logic around long-dated events such as mortgage and life insurance policy maturation.
  • Different virtual clocks for distributed DB2 users. Different distributed users of a single DB2 subsystem can now each run with different virtual clock settings, allowing maximum flexibility when testing distributed apps.
  • SETS enhancements for distributed DB2. The exclusive SETS (Softdate Enterprise Time Synchronization) cross-platform feature was already available in v4.4. Now, in v4.5, SETS can automatically synchronize virtual clocks for distributed DB2 users across z/OS, Windows and Linux/Unix to enable seamless cross-platform enterprise app testing.
    Softdate/z version 4.5
  • Java support in multiple concurrent Softdate/z systems. Softdate/z was already unique in being able to run multiple copies in the same z/OS image to allow easy migration to new releases. However, Java (and TIME PC) support could only be active in one of these systems. Now, with v4.5, Java and TIME PC support can be turned on in multiple concurrently running Softdate/z systems.
  • Other miscellaneous enhancements, such as daily warning messages as licence expiry approaches, and removal of the need to disable JIT-compilation for Java date/time classes for Java 7.1 and above.

Contact us to learn more about this release.

Webinar: Top 10 Best Practices for Date Time Simulation Testing z/OS Applications

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Date/Time: Tuesday, August 20th 2:00-3:00pm Eastern;  Register here

Most z/OS mainframe applications are designed to perform special actions at certain dates or times, such as: the last day of the week, month, quarter or year; public holidays; the clock rollover at midnight; policy renewal and anniversary dates; etc.  Without running them under a simulated future date and time, these applications can’t be fully verified and may cause unforeseen, and potentially highly visible, problems in production.

Accurate Date/Time Simulation (DTS) testing:

  • Prevents IT downtime
  • Protects against financial errors due to wrong dates and times
  • Reduces regression testing costs

Unfortunately, DTS testing usually involves additional expensive LPARs, time consuming and error-prone IPLs, or inflexible tools that force manual workarounds during system upgrades. SoftBase and DTS industry leader DDV Technologies have teamed up to bring you an educational presentation on the Top 10 Best Practices for DTS testing z/OS applications, with special emphasis on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In this 60 minute webinar, you’ll learn how to perform DTS testing:

  • On time and under budget
  • Across all critical mainframe z/OS environments
  • Without requiring manual workarounds
  • While keeping dedicated system resources to a minimum!

Join us to learn how to most effectively complete DTS testing for your z/OS applications! Click here to register.