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Watch the Replay: Craig Mullins’ R4H Cost Reduction Webinar

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Craig gave another great presentation yesterday on how to control your rolling four hour average (R4H). When you’re on variable workload licensing, understanding and controlling the R4H is critical to keeping your monthly bill in check. Craig discusses how you can directly restrict the R4H using soft capping and how techniques like tuning DB2 can reduce your overall CPU consumption – and subsequently your R4H. You can download Craig’s presentation slide deck here.

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SoftBase Sponsor’s Craig Mullins: Reduce Costs by Tuning DB2 to Reduce Your Rolling 4 Hour Average

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Title:Reduce Costs by Tuning DB2 to Reduce Your Rolling 4 Hour Average
When: 2pm EDT September12
Register at: https://www.softbase.com/redirect_craig_mullins_webinar_register_09122012.php

Variable workload licensing can be a powerful mechanism to reduce your mainframe software costs. But are you taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist to lower your monthly software bill? Do you know how the rolling four hour (R4H) average impacts your bill and what you can do to lower that average?

This free webinar, sponsored by SoftBase and delivered by Craig S. Mullins, will provide education on variable workload licensing, the R4H, and soft capping… and then focus on ways to reduce the R4H by tuning DB2 resources.
SoftBase – Craig Mullins and SoftBase Present: Reduce Costs by Tuning…

SoftBase will be giving away a signed copy of Craig Mullins’ DB2 Developer’s Guide, Sixth Edition. Attend for your chance to win!

Reduce your 4-hour peak window

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Today, most organizations using IBM mainframes are paying based on their peak 4-hour usage window. An increase in utilization of even a few percentage points can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional utilization fees. Several of our customers have staff dedicated to simply monitoring this 4-hour peak window and rearranging job schedules to prevent overages. Not surprisingly, many of our customers have also started initiatives dedicated to reducing their 4-hour MSU peak.

Our patented Attach Facility MRF feature can help you reduce your batch window and your peak 4-hour CPU usage. Reducing your 4-hour peak will save your CPU resources and, ultimately, money. In fact, if you had implemented SoftBase’s Attach Facility MRF feature on May 16, the day it was released GA, you could have already saved:

We created this estimate using our MRF ROI calculator, and the following variables:

  • Shop MIPS: 2,000
  • DB2 Applications: 1,200
  • Cost per CPU minute: $25

We’ve seen ROI forecasts with the potential savings estimated between $500K and $8M over 5 years for our customers. Check out our ROI Calculator here ROI calculator here to determine your own shop’s potential savings!