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DBTA Article: Using Multi-Row Fetch to Lighten the Load of Big Data

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The explosion of big data has presented many challenges for today’s database administrators (DBAs), who are responsible for managing far more data than ever before. And with more programs being developed and tested, more tools are needed to help optimize data and efficiency efforts.  Using techniques such as DB2’s Multi-Row Fetch (MRF), DBAs are able to cut down on CPU time – and improve application efficiency. This article will explore the benefits of MRF, including the ability for DBAs to improve their application performance and lighten their workloads.

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SoftBase’s Attach Facility enables you to implement MRF in your DB2 applications automatically, no recoding required.

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SoftBase CEO Steve Woodard included in Fast Company article

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Kaihan Krippendorf posted to his blog post on Fast Company and included an interview that SoftBase and Quadrant CEO Steve Woodard had with him last week. While the article discusses how to pivot faster than your competition. Kaihan discusses how Steve manages two fast-growing technology companies and uses weekly meetings as a way to stay ahead of the competition.

“…Steve Woodard is the CEO of two fast-growing tech companies, Quadrant Software and SoftBase. We had a fascinating discussion about how he manages double what most of us juggle. A lot of it has to do with having clear goals and communicating them often, always having a door open so people know they can reach you 24/7, and building a management team you can trust…”

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SoftBase’s TestBase Data Masking capabilities featured in Government Security News Magazine

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Steve just spoke with Government Security News Editor-in-Chief Jacob Goodwin about the data masking capabilities of TestBase. Within two hours Jacob had posted the article discussing the importance of data masking in the mainframe environment and how TestBase can plug internal data security holes. Check out the article here.

Below is a representation of one of the several ways that TestBase masks data copied from production to test. The method depicted below utilizes a translation table for predefined data value substitution.