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Batch Analyzer Facility

Expedite DB2 performance tuning and find poorly performing SQL code that performance monitors miss

SoftBase's Batch Analyzer Facility™, part of SoftBase's Batch Healthcare Solution, can quickly locate your poorly performing DB2® for z/OS® batch SQL in seconds.

If you're tired of late night phone calls or wading through numerous DB2 performance tools and way too much data, consider letting Batch Analyzer Facility find your bad batch SQL before it finds you.

With Batch Analyzer, you will:

  • Help developers maximize DB2 application tuning efforts by finding the worst performing applications first
  • Improve developer productivity by providing application performance information
  • Improve DB2 application reliability by quickly identifying the worst performing jobs, job steps and SQL statements
  • Maintain a healthy production database environment

Batch Analyzer:

  • Can be installed and start gathering DB2 batch performance data in a few hours
  • Locates every bad batch SQL statement in seconds - without impacting system overhead
  • Locates production SQL that has degraded in performance over time
  • Identifies your worst SQL statements from a user-defined timeframe
  • Allows developers to locate their own performance problems
  • Finds all DB2 batch jobs encountering deadlocks or timeouts in seconds
  • Provides diagnostics on COMMIT frequency to help tune each DB2 batch program
  • Identifies DB2 batch programs subject to ROLLBACK for long periods of time

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