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Attach Facility

Streamline batch processing and improve batch DB2 performance

Introduced in 1987, SoftBase's Attach Facility™ is the most widely used Call-Attach Facility on the market.

Attach Facility allows you to execute applications more efficiently, in less time and with greater flexibility.

Attach Facility:

  • Uses patent-pending technology to allow older applications to utilize multi-row fetch without code changes. Click here to learn more!
  • Eliminates the need for TSO to complete batch DB2 executions by providing an interface between an application program and the Call Attachment Facility of DB2
  • Incorporates patented Variable Commit Frequency Technology that allows batch application COMMIT intervals to be dynamically modified without making application code changes
  • Includes patented ENQ Serialization which prevents concurrency problems that occur when multiple batch jobs attempt to update the same table concurrently
  • Virtually eliminates deadlock timeouts
  • Enhances DB2 batch environment through unique monitoring facilities

With Attach Facility, you will:

  • Have the power and flexibility to control the DB2 batch environment
  • Monitor SQL performance and get precise control of DSN trace output
  • Reduce contention problems in jobs and utils with patented ENQ serialization
  • Allow application concurrency with Auto Commit
  • Improve application reliability by eliminating concurrency problems and deadlock timeouts
  • Obtain accurate job accounting data, JCL return codes, and abend codes
  • Exploit your MVS resources with a high performance CAF
  • Provide your operators with useable, simple batch messages
  • Enjoy useful log recovery data within every batch job
  • Improve batch application reliability and processing speed without source code changes

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