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Checkpoint Facility

Restart and Complete Batch Jobs Fast!

SoftBase's Checkpoint Facility™, part of SoftBase's Batch Healthcare Solution, can help you quickly restart and complete batch DB2 jobs automatically. Checkpoint Facility provides a checkpoint/restart for batch DB2 and non-DB2 applications.

With Checkpoint Facility, you will:

  • Eliminate the risk of excessive rollbacks for batch DB2 jobs
  • Enhance DB2 application performance by freeing resources via COMMITs
  • Improve application reliability by ensuring batch job completion
  • Use mainframe resources more efficiently

Checkpoint Facility:

  • Automatically inserts COMMITs and CHECKPOINTs into DB2 batch jobs, in some cases without even editing the application
  • Restarts DB2 batch jobs at the last CHECKPOINT prior to the point of failure
  • Restores your working storage area
  • Reopens and repositions your QSAM and VSAM files, and completes any remaining application processing
  • Allows users to effectively pause and restart batch jobs for scheduled outages or free up resources for more critical batch DB2 jobs
  • Provides a Variable Checkpoint Frequency option that controls the frequency of COMMITs and CHECKPOINTs

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