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DeadLock Advisor

Find DB2 batch contention issues quickly with DeadLock Advisor™

SoftBase's DeadLock Advisor is the first DB2 tool to identify the source of deadlock timeouts and resource unavailable conditions and instantly present that information on the offending and offended batch job's log.

With DeadLock Advisor, you will:

  • Improve application reliability by identifying the root cause of deadlocks
  • Save time searching for the cause of deadlock timeouts and resource unavailable conditions
  • Improve developer performance by instantly providing deadlock messages in application job logs

DeadLock Advisor:

  • Allows DBAs and programmers to quickly identify the cause of deadlocks by examining the job log of the affected application
  • Places a message in the job log of every batch job that experiences a deadlock timeout or resource unavailable condition
  • DeadLock Advisor places a message in both job logs for conditions involving two batch jobs, even though typically only one job receives a negative SQL code such as -911 (and neither job receives a message)
  • Can be installed in as little as 10 minutes

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