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SoftBase Announces a Free Download of the TestBase SQLCODE -805 Tool

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SoftBase announces a free download of the TestBase SQLCODE -805 Tool which helps identify the source of Db2 SQLCODE -805 on z/OS.  Please see https://www.softbase.com/testbase_sqlcode_805_tool.php to get your copy today!


SoftBase Announces General Availability for TestBase Release 6.1

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TestBase 6.1 further improves performance and Db2v12 support.


New features in TestBase 6.1 include:

  1. Pre-Compiled with Db2V11 and Db2V12
  2. Testbase divided into 7 different components that can be licensed separately ( * New Components)
    Db2 Mask – Mandatory masking of sensitive Db2 data and files
    Db2 Subset – Subset, generate data in Db2 data and files
    Db2 Edit – Edit/View data in Db2 tables and views
    Db2 Slice – Test together or independently within one set of tables and tools to unload and load data
    * Db2 Query Build – Build complex SQL statements easily
    * Db2 SQL Debug – Executes and explains SQL in Source Programs
    * Db2 Catalog Guide – View Db2 catalog objects and their relationships like ISPF option 3.4
  3. Db2 Slice and Db2 Subset can now use Db2 Utilities to load and unload
  4. TestBase display commands for use anywhere in the product:
    Option ==> RS (release summary display)
    Option ==> LI (component & license status display)
    Option ==> LIMIT (panel to reset volume limit)
  5. TestBase uses Enterprise COBOL for z/OS®, V5.2


As TestBase continually strives for better performance, items 1,3,4, and 5 deliver just that.


Interested in TestBase?

Click here to learn more about TestBase or contact us by clicking here or calling 800-669-7076.

SoftBase Announces General Availability for TestBase Release 5.2

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TestBase 5.2 further improves test data management with Enterprise COBOL optimization, improved data privacy features, and DB2v11 support.


TestBase helps DB2 shops test new database applications faster and with fewer resources, reducing both time to market and overall development costs. The newest version, 5.2, includes several features that enable faster extraction and manipulation of test data by through Enterprise COBOL optimization, in addition to performance enhancements inherent in DB2v11. Enhanced data management features enable users to extract a subset from an existing subset, in addition to being able to mask data by replacing the target data with data from a different source.


New features in TestBase 5.2 include:

  • Pre-Compiled with DB2V11 and DB2V10
  • V5.1 with highest level of optimization which seems to yield about a 10% performance enhancement resulting in faster file extracts, data masking and load
  • TestBase Privatize and Populate option now provides the ability to extract from an existing subset of slice data
  • TestBase Mandatory Masking (Data Privacy) now allows users to replace the object being masked with a different source (table, view, TestBase view, etc.)
  • TestBase Slice – Lock table process allows for the removal of statements from a source library
  • Some TestBase install tables add keyword VOLATILE to protect against inadvertent RUNSTATs
  • TestBase file compare – Option added to eliminate tables that match from the report


Click here to view the full release summary.

Interested in TestBase?

Click here to learn more about TestBase or contact us by clicking here or calling 800-669-7076.

[Podcast] Fastest DB2 Test Data Subsetting: From 300M rows production to 100,000 rows RI test data in <2 minutes

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One of our TestBase customers, a very large Federal Agency, recently broke what we think must be a world record for fastest RI DB2 test data extraction and subsetting live DB2 production data. Listen to the 6-minute podcast below to learn how this company was able to:

  • Extract a 100,000 row subset of Referentially Intact (RI) DB2 data (to be used for testing) from a 300M+ row database of live customer production data in UNDER 2 Minutes
  • Took advantage of several clever DB2 features to help facilitate this extremely fast transfer, including
    • Multi-Row Fetch
    • Multi-Row Inserts
    • Global Temporary Tables
    • Key Value Assignments

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(If you the audio player gives an error, reload the page by clicking here: https://www.softbase.com/blog/?p=615)

Not mentioned in the audio above, the same customer was also able to create a similar extract of 25M rows of RI DB2 test data from the same live production database in under 40 minutes – quite an impressive feat.

Click here to learn more about TestBase or feel free to contact us here.

DB2 Parallel Development and Testing – Made Easy

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Watch the video below and learn how to:

  • consolidate your test environment into a single database in a single subsystem,
  • realize faster application time-to-completion and higher developer productivity,
  • overcome typical challenges of parallel and single-threaded testing, and
  • improve ROI on your existing test data management tools.

The Slice tool can be installed in less than a day. Learn more about it here.