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Application Acceleration

Business Challenges

In spite of massive investments of money, time, and resources into critical DB2® for z/OS® projects, most still run late and far over budget. Plus, overall application quality is poor in spite of strenuous coding and testing efforts. The average test data management seems to be a significant bottleneck in many installations.
Traditional Application Development Life Cycle
The SoftBase Application Acceleration Solution enables our customers to code, test, and deploy reliable DB2 for z/OS applications in a fraction of the time that it takes them now.

Test DB2 Applications Together!

SoftBase's TestBase™ now provides a revolutionary new patented technology for test data management called Slice™ that enables all Application Developers and QA Personnel in a shop to test together within one set of DB2 objects without impacting each others' results. TestBase can dramatically accelerate your DB2 application testing by:

  • Enabling Application Developers to run far more tests with small subsets of realistic business data from DB2, VSAM and QSAM data sources
  • Testing together from only one copy of test data - Application Developers can retrieve and refresh their test data whenever they like without having to contact their DBAs!
  • Satisfying all Data Privacy mandates by quickly removing and replacing any confidential or sensitive test data

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Deploy Applications Without Surprises

SoftBase's Batch Analyzer™ and TestBase can help you prevent painful performance and application surprises when moving new or enhanced DB2 applications into production. These SoftBase solutions will improve application reliability and speed application deployment times by:

  • Batch Analyzer enables Application Developers to quickly locate any new or changed DB2 SQL statements that will perform excessively long after placed into production without running expensive DB2 Performance Traces!
  • TestBase also provides Regression Comparison Reports that confirm all previous DB2 application functionality still works properly - more precisely, application changes have not broken anything that used to work

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