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Solutions for Application Managers, Programmers, Developers

Despite technology advances and improved development environments, today's DB2 application managers and developers still face significant challenges in developing reliable, high performing applications for their organizations.  The mission-critical and revenue-dependent nature of today's large-scale database applications has put increased pressure on application programmers and developers. Developers are tasked with accelerating development schedules, working with limited resources while still maintaining high-quality and reliable code that meets nightly batch window service level agreements.

From initial application coding through test phase and ultimately deployment, developers and application programmers struggle with inefficient testing tools and processes that are unnecessarily complex and difficult to manage.
Enter SoftBase.  A better DB2 experience.  For decades, SoftBase has delivered proven coding, testing and deployment tools that are based on proven technology and backed by an unmatched team of DB2 support specialists. 

SoftBase's proven application acceleration solution reduces the time large development organizations take to develop, test and deploy large DB2 projects, eliminating one of the major identified bottlenecks program developers face in managing their DB2 environment.

During deployment, SoftBase Batch Analyzer, part of our long-standing Batch Healthcare Solution set, delivers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to purchasing CPU upgrades to handle increasing batch run times.  Batch Healthcare enables better DB2 throughput and performance at lower total system cost – improving the overall DB2 experience.