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Solutions for DBA Managers

Managing a large-scale DB2 development environment has always been a complex challenge for DBA managers as they struggle to deliver high performing and reliable applications.  Lately, however, the need to maintain quality development amid shorter development cycles, reduced staff and compliance challenges has created unprecedented challenge and many sleepless nights.

Ensuring that applications are built using the most efficient code statements possible to ease strain on CPU cycles, are delivered on time to meet internal service level agreements and business unit expectations, and tested to ensure ongoing reliability in the midst of increasing performance demands have DBA managers looking for help.

Our TestBase product can help your team test their applications faster, better and safer, helping you maintain a better, more viable development environment.  With TestBase, your developers can now manage their own test data and run unlimited tests to properly verify that ALL application SQL code and changes are working properly. Also, your DBAs no longer need to maintain a multitude of production test beds, and won’t be spending a lot of their time managing test data.