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Announces SoftBase Db2 Tools (SDT) Availability

SoftBase, a Fresche Solutions brand, is proud to announce the general availability of the SoftBase Db2 Tools suite 1.1.0 (SDT110). The SoftBase Db2 Tools suite allows developers, DBAs, and performance analysts to focus on meeting their customer demands of developing and maintaining software code.  These code, test, and deployment tools replace redundant code with proven processes that exploit features of z/OS Db2 that would otherwise require a dedicated staff to develop and to maintain.

As announced last year, the SoftBase Db2 Tools suite is a rebranding and renaming of the SoftBase Batch Healthcare flagship products with additional rich features and functionality. Along with the four products from Batch Healthcare, the suite includes the new Db2 Catalog Guide on z/OS and provides z/OS Db2 users with a high level of synergy between all five products:

  • Db2 Catalog Guide on z/OS
    The new product in the SoftBase Db2 Tools suite, Db2 Catalog Guide on z/OS, can be used to query the Db2 Catalog without writing time consuming SQL. A DBA can safely grant privileges to use this tool to application developers, testers, and production staff who need specific information that resides in the Db2 Catalog. No Db2 Locks are held on catalog tables and the SQL is 100% static.

    Db2 v12 Function Levels are key pieces of information that developers and DBAs will need to be aware of as Db2 v12 applications are created and updated.  Db2 Catalog Guide can quickly display this information without writing SQL or using the DISPLAY GROUP operator command.  We know that this light-weight tool will be the talk of your shop, so we are offering a six-month free trial to convince you.

  • Db2 Attach on z/OS
    In addition to allowing a batch application to run as a native z/OS job stream with //STEP EXEC PGM=progname rather than TSO or IKJEFT01, Db2 Attach provides a wealth of additional facilities. For example: LOGRBA, which triggers a read of the active Db2 log and a display of the high used RBA.  The user can specify a display of the high used RBA after the Db2 plan is opened and/or after the plan is opened and after each commit.  “SQL SET CURRENT item” is a facility which dynamically changes Db2 special registers.  SDT110 includes support for “SET CURRENT QUERY ACCELERATION value” which identifies when Db2 sends dynamic SQL queries to an accelerator server and what Db2 does if the accelerator server fails.  Additional Db2 Package options are available in MRF, providing more opportunity for multi-row fetch to be automatically implemented into existing batch Db2 applications without recoding.
  • Db2 Checkpoint on z/OS
    Users can have the product insert COMMITs and CHECKPOINTs into Db2 batch jobs, in many cases without even changing the application program. Db2 Checkpoint can restart Db2 batch jobs at the last CHECKPOINT prior to the point of failure, restore the working storage area, and reopen/reposition sequential files. It supports use of operator commands to ‘quiesce’ a long running job at the next successful checkpoint and restart the job at a later time. The new release also moves checkpoint buffers above the line, providing virtual storage constraint relief. and possible performance improvements.
  • Db2 Batch Analyzer on z/OS
    Helps developers maximize Db2 application tuning efforts by finding the worst performing applications first with almost no overhead. An ISPF interface allows developers to locate their own performance problems rather than using scarce systems and DBA resources. The product uses a drill down technique that allow even a novice user to identify Db2 application performance problems, down to an individual SQL statement.
  • Db2 DeadLock Advisor on z/OS
    (SQLCODE -911, SQLCODE -904) – Identifies the source of deadlock timeouts and resource unavailable conditions and presents that information on the offending and offended batch job’s log. Programmers can quickly identify the cause of deadlocks by examining the joblog of the affected application.

Upgrade Path

Existing customers will be pleased to know the upgrade path from Batch Healthcare to SoftBase Db2 Tools is the same familiar process that starts with the download of a zip file containing all five products. Each product can be installed independently and depending on the combination of products, a single product installation may complete all the installation steps for other SoftBase Db2 Tools products.

For more information, call 1-800-669-7076 or contact us here.