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Partner Overview

SoftBase recognizes the strategic value of partnerships. We have worked hard to identify companies and organizations that share our vision of providing the absolute best DB2 solutions possible. By building alliances with these recognized industry leaders, we can together deliver comprehensive, world-class business solutions to our customers.

Types of Partnerships

Application Partners
Application Partners utilize SoftBase solutions to assist their customers in installing, customizing, and enhancing their packaged DB2 business solutions. Application Partners also use SoftBase solutions to secure any sensitive or confidential data that is required in testing environments at customer sites. SoftBase only selects Application Partners that offer the best of breed business solutions available on the market today.

Consultation Partners
SoftBase works with premiere consulting firms that recognize the need for extremely high quality business systems. These services firms recommend and then implement SoftBase solutions at their customer sites. In addition, they train the appropriate customer personnel on how to best utilize SoftBase solutions over time.

Distribution Partners
SoftBase Distribution Partners are selected based on their ability to successfully sell and deploy our DB2 Application Testing, DB2 Batch Tuneup, and Data Privacy solutions. These partners are able to identify companies and organizations that can benefit substantially from SoftBase solutions and then assist them in quickly installing and implementing our technology.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Improve your ability to deliver high-quality DB2 applications and guarantee proper operation
  • Improve your ability to test DB2 applications very, very quickly
  • Receive additional technical resources provided by SoftBase
  • Take advantage of joint marketing programs
  • Expand your market reach and gain new customers

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