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SoftBase Announces Rebranding of Batch Healthcare

SoftBase is proud to announce the rebranding of Batch Healthcare, our flagship product. The facilities under the Batch Healthcare umbrella will now be known as Db2 Attach, Db2 Batch Analyzer, Db2 Checkpoint / Restart, and Db2 DeadLock Advisor. Over time, each of these Db2 application deployment components have grown to support the increasing functionality of IBM Db2 for z/OS. SoftBase components’ rich features and functionality dictate a new name is needed to reflect current and future enhancements.

This name change not only shows the independence of each component, but also allows us to introduce an additional component, Db2 Catalog Guide. The Db2 catalog is a wealth of information. This information is useful to developers, testers, and production staff. Most tools, however, lock the data in the catalog or users forget to specify FOR QUERY ONLY WITH UR when querying the catalog. Even when they remember to specify it, it is often dynamic SQL which can also obtain locks on the catalog. Db2 Catalog Guide is 100% static SQL that will not lock the catalog. The catalog itself is a very complex database. Db2 Catalog Guide makes navigation of the database easy. There is a Db2 command interface as well as an explain interface for SQL in the catalog.

Please visit the SoftBase website for additional information on the complete family of SoftBase products and components.