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TestBase - Test Data Management

Test critical DB2® applications faster, better, and safer with TestBase™. This completely integrated DB2 testing workbench allows you to quickly extract realistic test data in convenient quantities and to then provide "Self Service" data to all application testers. TestBase also will secure ALL sensitive or confidential data in your DB2 testing environment.

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Data Slicer

Turbo-charge your existing test data subsetting solutions by allowing everyone to retrieve their own test data, to test together at the same time, and to eliminate the costly and painful process of synchronizing multiple DB2 application testing environments.

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Batch Healthcare - Attach Facility

Attach Facility™ reduces CPU costs by using patent-pending technology to allow older applications to utilize multi-row FETCH, without code changes. Attach Facility also enhances the batch DB2 environment by eliminating the use of TSO and allows the proper handling of step abends and return codes.

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Batch Healthcare - Batch Analyzer Facility

The Batch Healthcare Solution™ from SoftBase provides a far more cost-effective and reliable solution to shorten your batch run times than purchasing expensive CPU upgrades. Batch Analyzer Facility™ diagnoses your batch job stream health problems by locating costly SQL statements and finding and eliminating time-consuming contention problems between DB2 programs. By allowing you to quickly find and fix expensive SQL statements and to execute DB2 batch jobs in parallel, Batch Analyzer Facility enables you to complete your nightly production work in a fraction of the time.

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Batch Healthcare - Checkpoint Facility

In the event that critical DB2 batch jobs do fail due to unforeseen health problems, the Checkpoint Facility™ allows you to safely restart and complete these jobs as quickly as possible to ensure that all critical online applications are available when needed.

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Batch Healthcare - DeadLock Advisor

Many DB2 organizations today experience deadlocks, timeouts and resource unavailable situations during batch processing. Determining the root cause of these batch-delaying problems is often a tedious task for DBAs. DeadLock Advisor™ makes the job of pinpointing these issues and which job caused them effortless by placing messages in the joblog of both jobs involved in the deadlock, timeout or resource unavailable condition. In this way, application developers can troubleshoot their jobs without the assistance of a DBA.

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Quickly reset MVS system time and date with ease. SoftDate™ gives you a simple mechanism to test date-dependent logic in your DB2 and other programs without requiring cumbersome and expensive procedures such as 'IPL'ing a test LPAR with the required date.

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