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A Better Db2 for z/OS Deployment Experience

As companies depend more heavily on databases for critical business operations, ensuring the reliability of production Db2 applications has never been more important. Despite efficient coding and proper testing, complex Db2 applications many times are unable to perform as expected or function as efficiently as predicted when new or enhanced applications are moved into production. When inefficiencies or performance problems are identified, developers and DBAs need to isolate the root cause of the problem – and correct the issue – before overall company performance is compromised. Whether it’s SQL statements that run longer than expected, code that uses more CPU cycles than available or applications that fail at a certain point, developers need a solution that can easily and effectively monitor new application performance during the deployment phase to ensure efficiency and performance expectations are met. Avoiding painful surprises and unexpected results can speed application deployment times and eliminate last-minute retesting.

SoftBase is creating a better Db2 deployment experience by delivering monitoring (Db2 Batch Analyzer), analysis (TestBase Db2 Catalog Guide), attach (Db2 Attach), lock contention advice (Db2 Dead Lock Advisor), and checkpoint-restart (Db2 Checkpoint) solutions that ensure faster deployment of high-performing, reliable Db2 for z/OS applications.