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A Better DB2 Coding Experience

There’s no doubt that DB2 applications are increasing in both size and complexity. This, coupled with the need to bring applications online faster and with fewer development resources, has created significant challenges in the initial coding phase of DB2 application development.

Creating reliable DB2 applications requires the use of efficient SQL coding practices. Application programmers and developers often look to DBAs for advice and guidance when building new or revised SQL statements to drive applications. But in today’s environment, DBAs can’t always be counted on to be available to help when immediately needed. The result can be coding delays or the development of inefficient, poorly performing SQL statements that impact overall application performance, take needless CPU cycles to execute, take longer to run in decreasing batch windows and can often cause application deadlocks. To ensure DB2 application reliability, development organizations need a solution that ensures their applications are coded with the most efficient SQL statements. A tool that:

  • Offers a solid, customizable database of SQL standards and well-defined rules to code against that can also deliver automated coding advice to augment individual DBA knowledge.
  • Is designed to guarantee assistance is available to developers when and where they need it.
  • Can even stop the compile process for SQL code that fails to meet your threshold of acceptable SQL coding standards.

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In today’s high-performance and demanding DB2 environment, there’s no time for poorly performing, unreliable applications. SoftBase offers the proven tools, proven technology and proven partnership approach that’s creating a better DB2 experience, for developers, programmers and DBAs.

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