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Db2 for z/OS Manager Solutions

Db2 for z/OS Production Managers

Production Managers want their teams to be successful. They strive to meet and exceed service level agreements and batch windows. SoftBase tools help make that happen. Whether it is Db2 Checkpoint Restart helping to meet the batch window when an abend happens or TestBase Db2 Catalog Guide assisting with problem resolution, the SoftBase tools help achieve those goals.

Db2 for z/OS DBA Managers

DBA teams are understaffed and overworked. It's very difficult to find qualified z/OS Db2 DBA's. SoftBase tools arm application developers with information to handle some of the issues that would otherwise depend on DBA skills to resolve.

Db2 for z/OS Development and Project Managers

Development and project managers want their development and maintenance projects to be on time, under budget and implemented into production while meeting all functional and performance goals. The SoftBase tools help meet these goals by providing application developers the right tools at the right time – early in development. Many of the SoftBase tools are inexpensive enough to fit in a project manager's budget. What good is a performance tool if no one on the development staff can use it? How can a Db2 catalog query tool be useful if application developers are not given access to the Db2 Catalog? How can an application developer find a dead lock if he can't get to the z/OS console log or the Db2 Address space? The SoftBase tools, TestBase Db2 Catalog Guide, Db2 Batch Analyzer, and Db2 Dead Lock Advisor either remove these objections by not requiring these resources or by providing the information in another way. A way which is accessible and easily understood by the application developer. How many times has the manager heard that an additional test can't be done because it requires another copy of the database or because another test is currently running? TestBase Db2 Slice ends that.