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Db2 for z/OS TestBase

Db2 for z/OS TestBase

An integrated set of tools for Db2 application development and analysis. It includes seven optional components:

  1. Db2 Subset - subset test data from production environments
  2. Db2 Mask - mask data for privatization as it is extracted
  3. Db2 Edit - edit data in Db2 tables and views
  4. Db2 Slice - develop within one set of tables and packages so developers do not step on each other while using fewer Db2, CICS, and z/OS resources
  5. Db2 SQL Debug - execute and explain SQL inside application programs
  6. Db2 Query Build - build complicated SQL SELECT statements
  7. Db2 Catalog Guide - navigate the Db2 Catalog to see important Db2 object information and their relationships without dynamic SQL and without catalog locking

Db2 for z/OS Subset

Extract subsets of test data, document them, and load them into one or more test environments. Subsets are saved and labeled as well as timestamped for later load or extract. Referential integrity rules are used to navigate the extract so the extracted subset has referential integrity. Multiple starting points can be used to accomplish the extract while avoiding duplicate rows. The extract and the subsequent loads are built for speed. The latest Db2 technology is used: multi-row fetch, multi-row insert, multi-row merge, declared global temporary tables, sorts by the clustering index, etc.

Db2 Subset Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS Mask

Db2 Mask needs Db2 Subset to operate. It masks sensitive data as it is being extracted. Masks are mandatory (unless authorized). They can be defined on all columns of a name including their aliases or on a specific column of a specific table. Audit reports are available on the rules themselves, extracts, authorized unmasked extracts, and where that unmasked data was loaded.

Db2 Mask Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS Edit

Allows users to maintain or change data in Db2 tables or views. It uses a presentation familiar to ISPF users, ISPF Edit. Data is presented in rows and columns, all of the commands available in ISPF Edit are also available in Db2 Edit. Up down, left, right, move, copy, replicate, upper case, lower case, exclude, show, etc. In addition, there are commands to freeze columns, modify the display width, export and import to physical sequential datasets for use in spreadsheets, and explode columns to see one row and column value at a time. A line command LOB lets you see all the lobs. Each lob can be seen or changed.

Db2 Edit Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS Slice

Develop and test in one set of Db2 tables and packages without interference while using fewer Db2, CICS, and z/OS resources. Slice has facilities to unload test data in a slice, document the contents, and timestamp it. Each unload can be loaded to the same or other slices. Unloads can be compared or compared excluding tables or columns. Large slices can use partitioned slice where each slice is a separate partition. Partitioned slices can be unloaded and loaded using Db2 utilities. Like Db2 Subset, built for performance using the latest Db2 technology.

Db2 Slice Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS SQL Debug

Debug SQL statements in an application program without leaving the program. You can change the SQL, supply values for host variables, execute the SQL, see the results, export the results to a file usable by most spreadsheet software, explain the SQL, and see the results of the explain. If you also have Db2 Catalog Guide, you can see the statistics on the tables in the SQL, see the available indexes and their statistics. All three determinants of Db2 access path selection at your fingertips. The SQL, the access paths available, and the statistics on the table and its access paths. You can even see if the table is defined as VOLATILE.

Db2 SQL Debug Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS Query Build

Building a complex SQL statement can be challenging even for experts. Db2 Query Build steps you through the process one step at a time. Most joins can be created simply by pointing to the 2 tables you wish to join and specifying which columns from the tables you want in the result set. If there is no Db2 defined referential integrity, users may have to specify their own join columns. Db2 Query Build does not stop at joins, correlated and non-correlated subqueries, table expressions, union, union all, group by, having, and even bill of material explosions can be specified.

Db2 Query Build Datasheet

Db2 for z/OS Catalog Guide

The Db2 catalog is a wealth of information. This information is useful to developers, testers, and production staff. Most tools, however, lock the data in the catalog or users querying forget to specify FOR QUERY ONLY WITH UR. Even when they remember to specify it, it is often dynamic SQL which can also obtain locks on the catalog. Db2 Catalog Guide is 100% static SQL that will not lock the catalog. The catalog itself is a very complex database. Db2 Catalog Guide makes navigation of the database easy. There is a Db2 command interface as well as an explain interface for SQL in the catalog.

Db2 Catalog Guide Datasheet

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