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TestBase - Test Data Management

Test DB2 Applications Together In a Fraction of the Time It Takes Now

TestBase™, our test data management solution, allows you to quickly retrieve manageable subsets of referentially intact data from DB2® databases around the enterprise, thoroughly test and validate proper functioning of all DB2 application enhancements, and ensure that all sensitive production data remains completely private during testing.

Application Developers can now manage their own test data and run unlimited tests to properly verify that ALL application SQL code and changes are working properly. As a result, DBAs no longer need to maintain a multitude of test beds.

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Test DB2 Applications Faster

Testing and deploying DB2 applications faster starts with the ability to quickly extract realistic business data from all required production data sources.

TestBase copies test data from DB2 UDB databases on z/OS®, AIX®, UNIX®, and Windows® platforms. In addition, TestBase allows you to include legacy data from both VSAM and QSAM in your test scenarios. All data is extracted via referential integrity rules defined in the DB2 catalogs and/or registered within TestBase itself. TestBase also contains a world-class DB2 table editor that allows you to massage test data to configure properly for specific testing conditions.

In addition, TestBase provides a revolutionary new patented technology called Slice (Patent 6,951,013) that allows each tester to extract and refresh his or her own test data without impacting anyone else. By allowing all application testers to work together at the same time, data corruption and single threading of testing tasks are completely eliminated.

As DB2 applications have matured, more and more, data archiving has become a necessary ingredient in most every installation. Now that function is included in TestBase. So not only can TestBase be used to extract subsets of production data into test, but our ARCHIVE feature allows users to select, archive and purge data from test or production databases. Now users don’t have to buy a separate ARCHIVE tool.

Test DB2 Applications Better

Manageable quantities of high-quality test data allow testing personnel to run many more tests in a much shorter period of time. Problems and issues with application code changes are found sooner and resolved faster. Testing personnel are able to be careful and thorough.

TestBase also contains a powerful Compare Reporting Facility that provides quick verification of testing results in an easy-to-understand report format. The Compare Reporting Facility also generates powerful regression reports that identify unexpected data changes caused by application code changes. TestBase is able to not only verify that new DB2 application enhancements are working properly, but also that no unexpected application problems have been placed into production. Application Developers and DB2 DBAs will sleep well at night knowing that nothing has accidentally been broken in production during an application enhancement project.

In short, test data management, whether DB2, QSAM or VSAM, has never been easier.

Test DB2 Applications Safely

Is your organization affected by PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PIPEDA or other Data Privacy legislation? TestBase is the only solution on the market today that allows DBAs, Data Security Officers and other appropriate IT personnel to careful define and deploy a Data Privacy Strategy across all mainframe testing environments. The unique TestBase “Mandatory Masking” feature ensures that all sensitive data passes through predefined rules that carefully remove and replace confidential information before it ever reaches test DASD. TestBase also provides a wide variety of techniques to mask confidential test data including jumbling, predefined data value substitution and random value substitution.

Finally, the TestBase Data Privacy Deployment Report can quickly display how you have deployed your data privacy strategy and the TestBase Auditor report verifies that you have successfully protected your testing environments. TestBase will allow you to make even the most diligent auditor smile!

SoftBase's TestBase Data Masking featured in Government Security News Magazine

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