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Application Acceleration

In spite of massive investments of money, time, and resources into critical DB2® for z/OS® projects, most still run late and far over budget. Plus, overall application quality is poor in spite of strenuous coding and testing efforts.

The SoftBase Application Acceleration Solution enables our customers to code, test, and deploy DB2 for z/OS applications in a fraction of the time that it takes them now. The centerpiece of our Application Acceleration Solution is our Test Data Management Solution, TestBase™, which allows developers to extract subsets of de-identified production data for testing.

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DB2 Batch Healthcare

As corporate DB2 databases continue to grow, and companies strive to provide 24/7 data availability to their customers and business partners, far less time is available to run required batch processes each evening. SoftBase's Batch Healthcare Solution provides a far more cost-effective and reliable solution to shorten your batch run times than purchasing expensive CPU upgrades.

SoftBase's Batch Analyzer Facility™ allows companies to quickly diagnose and treat a wide variety of health problems that eat up excessive CPU cycles and contribute to production job failures and expensive CPU upgrades.

In the event production DB2 jobs do fail, SoftBase's Checkpoint Facility™ will allow you to checkpoint, restart and complete these jobs as quickly as possible.

SoftBase's Attach Facility™ enhances the batch DB2® environment by eliminating the use of TSO and by providing many features that enhance the batch DB2 environment, making it a valuable addition to the application developer’s toolkit.

SoftBase's DeadLock Advisor™ identifies the source of deadlock timeouts and resource unavailable conditions and presents that information in the offending and offended batch job’s log.

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